We value the purse in itself, its primary material, the quality of its craftsmanship and the creative process that precedes it. When it also has the handmade and limited trait, like our pieces do, it adds tremendous value.

If you create seeking the world’s approval, you will end up imitating.

Admiration is something you desire, not something you need. All you need is to express yourself.


¿What moves us when creating our collections?

A heightened sense for singularity.

fresh and atypical


We bet big on genuine materials, original combinations and conceive our designs in full color. We try to do our own thing because we admire the authenticity behind a brand. More and more of us are fleeing jam-packed fashion and seeking fresh and atypical alternatives.

Ezra taupe / nude

Ezra cinnamon / orange

Ezra dark blue / light blue

Ezra blush pink / nude

Ezra clay /orange

Mogambo sand / ebony / stone

Mogambo hazelnut / ebony / lynx

Mogambo ebony / sand / moss green

Mogambo purple / cream / mauve

Mogambo blush pink / orange / cream

Mogambo mauve / blush pink / purple

Mogambo dark blue / nubuck / light blue

Mogambo cream / orange / dark blue

Mogambo orange / cream / clay

Cleo purple

Cleo blush pink

Cleo orange

Cleo baby blue

Gambo black / camel / lynx

Gambo camel / black / lynx

Gambo stone / black / stone

Gambo camel / stone / lynx

Gambo black / stone / moss green

Gambo moss green / camel / lynx

Gambo camel / moss green / moss green

Gambo stone / black / cheetah

Cleo camel / lynx

Cleo moss green

Cleo black / cheetah

Cleo stone