The name LE MUY was born in 1999 as an interior design company we founded while living in the U.S. Since I was eleven years old, I witnessed the devotion and hard work my parents invested in consolidating its success. The name was my mother’s idea, inspired by Garcilaso de la Vega, Spanish soldier and poet of the Golden Age. De la Vega was fatally injured in France in the taking of the castle of Le Muy.

I shed from above
my tears not speaking;
because those who die silently
have themselves to speak for.


The search for meaning in the art of reinventing.

When I was little I would read Garcilaso de la Vega’s verses but it wasn’t until years later they began to make sense. And with time, Le Muy, my mom’s dream, became mine.


Success is the fruit of plowed failure.

Everything begins with an idea. For us it was the reinvention of a dream. In spite of the circumstances, I always knew Le Muy had soul.

Escarlata Sánchez-Marcos de Cruz
Founder & Designer

Our predilection for fashion (and sensibility for purses) led us to reshape what Le Muy would dedicate itself to designing.

Proud to be part of emerging fashion with a Spanish label, Le Muy is reborn as a handbags’ signature brand whose designs stand out both for its singularity and functionality.

Le Muy aspires to offer passion in its creations, precision in its craftsmanship, and quality in its primary material – because a subsequent aspiration of creating is admiration and we want to be admired, if for anything, for having our own singular identity. We want to share our brand’s philosophy and hope it speaks of many women. Le Muy is more than an activity subject to a period of time, more than a name or a logo, Le Muy is our journey through life.

Hope you like it.